About-Your Hosts

HealthySelf and BodyandBalance combine to create ANIMAR Adventure Retreat

Meigan Aspin, RMT
Massage Therapist

Meigan specializes in therapeutic deep tissue massage, neuroskeletal re-alignment therapy, myofascial release, and Reiki. Using one or more of these modalities, she tailors her treatments specifically to address each individual wholly, with the intention of providing immediate relief, as well as educating her clients about recommended approaches they should take to improve and maintain optimal health. Her love and appreciation for competitive sport and fitness offers an insight into particular problems faced by athletes with high  raining loads, and the challenges of overcoming injury. She has been practicing massage therapy for the past seven years, and owns HEALTHYSELF, which is based in Halifax.
Meigan is an avid runner, yogi, and health advocate. She also enjoys traveling the globe and sees the outdoors as an endless source of inspiration.
Andrea Robertson
Yoga Instructor

Andrea has owned BodyandBalance, a yoga and personal training business for the last five years. She teaches fitness and yoga, as well as personal and group training sessions, for many clients at various corporate and business facilities in Ottawa. Her yoga classes come directly from the heart, creating her sequence from intuitively sensing her participants’ needs. She also teaches yoga classes that are sport-specific, for opening muscles and massaging joints that have been trained for the sport, to prevent imbalance and possible injury. Andrea’s latest yoga students play hockey at a professional level for the Ottawa Senators. Her yoga classes for the retreat will be designed to provide meaningful challenges for the entire group and may include Hatha, Yin, restorative yoga, Vinyasa flow and Power Yoga.